Panda ?

Yes I know pandas are black and white but when I found the pattern on the web (which was free from Tamie Snow the very talented lady who wrote 'Tiny Yarn animals') she was in pink and I thought she was cute. I made up the dress pattern myself. I brushed the wool with a cat brush to make it look 'fluffy'.

My finished rounds are so much neater since I found this brilliant tutorial


  1. this is so sweet. I too enjoy crochet but couldn,t follow a pattern like that. I cn just go bck and forth. I,m doing a shawl for my new grand daughter for July. I will post a pic when finished but it will be a while. i cant crochet fro too long as I get tennis elbow so 'i just do it for 1/2 hour a day approx. xxxx

  2. Waaauw its a cutie <3 Hugs from Denmark

  3. Thats sweet, I can Knit and sew but i cannot crochet
    xx Pauline

  4. This is really cute :-)

    I'm only just starting to follow patterns and currently trying to make some flowers to put on my cards - any tips?

    xx Sazzle xx
    (lincs crafty girl)

  5. OMGosh, Janet, this is so cute. I popped over from Avadares Challenge Blog and had to take a peek at your crochet page.
    Blessing hugs,

  6. Oooh! multi talented! this is adorable Janet iv'e gotta keep checking on this blog!

  7. Oh how cute is this and perfect in any colour xx

  8. your so clever this is so cute x